Richmond (VA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

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Guide Right is a major focus of the Richmond (VA) Alumni Chapter’s efforts to provide valuable service to the City of Richmond and surrounding counties. Currently, our chapter focuses on 2 core programs: Kappa League and Guide Right. Both core programs seek to provide mentorship to a unique group of young men in Kappa League and service to the community at large in Guide Right. We pride ourselves in working directly with the community to provide resources and mentorship through these activities. Achievement and Service are the principals we seek to provide through the work of these programs.

Our Kappa League program works with young men 13-18 years of age who attend high school in the City of Richmond and Counties of Chesterfield and Henrico. In this fraternal year we were committed to 15 young men who made outstanding contributions to the program, their school and community. We model our programming by the goals set forth by the National Guide Right committee. First, with our focus on STEM through our partnership with NSBE chapters on the undergraduate level with Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University. Both chapters have conducted workshops and hands-on opportunities for our young men to learn about the careers associated with STEM. 25% of our young men are members of the local NSBE Jr. program.

The young men involved learn about each of the 7 phases of Kappa League. Stage 3 is where we shine the brightest. Over 55% of our young men are student athletes in sports that include basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse and tennis. We are proud to say that one of the members is a dual state champion as the Quarterback of his high school football team and starting Forward for the basketball team. All other stages are covered through monthly meetings as well as service working with our local government and non-profit organizations.

Kappa League members at graduation ceremony

While these young men are active athletically and socially our goal is to prepare them for life beyond high school. We have done this by having local universities host the young men. A goal is to provide understanding of the college process. This is done through mentorship with former Kappa League members and direct mentorship from our undergraduate members at Alpha Gamma and Eta Xi. Kappa League members have participated in province initiatives such as the Eastern Province Council public meeting and Aviation program. Service has also been provided to support The National Voter Registration Day. Members collaborated with the local Graduate Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. to spread the word in the community about local and state elections.

The second part of our program focuses directly on supporting public schools in our community. Richmond Public Schools serves over 28,000 students with 90% of those students being minorities. Every year our goal is to reach half of the 77 schools and programs under Richmond Public Schools. That includes welcoming students on the 1st day of school, reading to students, and volunteering when requested. Yet there are 3 programs that are unique to the Richmond (VA) Alumni Chapter.

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